NEOM Scholarship preparatory program

Admission requirements:

Applicant must be a Saudi national.

Applicant must belong to NEOM or Tabuk Region.

Applicant must be a high school student (10th grade). 

Applicant must be in one of the schools within NEOM and Tabuk regions.

 Applicant must be medically fit.

Program advantages:

Raising the academic level of the applicants in math and English.

Qodorat exam training

Program duration:

70 training hours divided into ten weeks; 7 hours each Saturday.

Program starting date 22/1/2022

Program ending date 26/3/2022

Program subject:

English language.


Qodorat exam training.

Program evaluation criteria:

Attendance 20%

Homework 20%

Mid exam 25%

Final exam 35%