Get Involved​


  • Get_Involved_NEOM_Ambassadors
    NEOM Ambassadors

    Travel the world and bring your knowledge home to NEOM!

  • Neom Champions
    NEOM Champions

    Top students are identified early in their schooling and put on an accelerated education track to be part of NEOM’s Future.


    Get the best education at top universities in KSA and the world and return to exciting careers in NEOM.

  • E-training initiative in cooperation with the SDA

    Join us to develop your technical skills to harness your digital future

  • preparatory program
    preparatory program

    The preparatory program is your first step to develop your skills and raise your chances of entering NEOM Scholarship Program

  • English
    NEOM English Language Program (ELP)

    The training Program offers a training plan through intensive courses devoted to developing trainees' levels in English language.​


  • Digital Chamions
    NEOM Digital Champions

    Join NEOM as digital expert and have priority access to the best digital jobs in NEOM.

  • Resume Writing Initiative

    You first step toward a distinctive job start with Creative CV, join as us and write your own CV


  • Spark

    Be the next investor

  • HERFA +

    Join us to develop your handcrafts project

  • English and IT Training Program
    English and IT Training Program

    Join us to develop your English and IT skills